Colocation America Announces STEM Grant Awardees

Colocation America today announced it is awarding grants to after-school, in-school, and summer programs at seven sites across the U.S. through its education initiative. Designed to inspire interest in STEM education among K-12 students, the initiative supports hands-on learning opportunities that encourage the youth of today with the ability to understand and embrace the technology that affects their everyday lives. The 2015 grants will provide young learners with activities focused on STEM topics, including workshops, camps, computer coding classes, internships, a hackathon, college tours, field trips, and sailing excursions.

“As a technology leader, we know that closing the talent gap in the STEM fields is critical,” said Samantha Walters, Vice President of Online Marketing. “By providing access to interactive learning opportunities in communities, we are helping children bring their love of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to life.”

Colocation America’s STEM initiative was created to unleash the passion of STEM disciplines, particularly to underrepresented minorities, by providing fun, hands-on learning opportunities. The grant aims to build STEM skills that inspire innovation, and foster life competencies including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

“I am truly amazed by the work our grant recipients accomplish. These organizations are playing an active role in developing the future generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators in the United States,” commented Albert Ahdoot, Business Development Director.

The 2015 Colocation American STEM Grant Recipients:

Big Up Kidz

Big Up Kidz (BUK) provides 250 K-6th grade students with the support they need before and after school. BUK provides supplemental programs that engage students in project-based learning and emphasize self-accountability and character education. The organization focuses on theme-based STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) activities as they have proven to be both popular with students and effective at achieving the goals of helping students become proficient in their studies and preparing them to move to the next level of learning. Colocation America is excited to support the development and delivery of ProKidz Invention Club, a pilot program introducing elementary school students to computer coding through game design.

Biotech Partners

Biotech Partners (BP) is a regional leader in bioscience education partnering with over 35 academic, corporate and government organizations. With BP’s model of contextualized, hands-on learning, paid work experience and industry partnerships, BP has more than 1,000 students placed in paid job training positions, 100% of students completing the Academy from High School, and 98% of graduates pursue post-secondary education. Not to mention, 100% job placement for BP’s Bioscience Career Institute certificate program. Colocation America is providing funding for BP’s two year Biotech Academy, serving 215 students at four schools. The Academy features hands-on lab experience in biotech classes and paid eight-week summer internships in science settings, matching students with caring professionals serving as mentor-supervisors.

Collegiate Pathways, Inc.

Collegiate Pathways, Inc. (CPI) mission is to empower underrepresented middle and high school girls to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields through college preparation, career readiness, and mentoring. Colocation America is thrilled to contribute towards CPI’s Tech Sassy Girlz programs. The programmatic goal of the Tech Sassy Girlz club is for girls to increase their awareness about STEM careers, understand the value of STEM in society, increase their participation in STEM programs and develop their technological skills. The program consists of 10 workshop sessions; four STEM tours; one week-long summer camp; a hackathon for girls who are interested in technology and mobile application development; and a college tour.

Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council

Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council shapes girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE). The GSLE is a variety of multi-cultural, enriching experiences for girls that include Financial Literacy and Teamwork, Technology and Innovation, Environmental Leadership, Healthy Living and the Voice of Girls. Colocation America is enthusiastic about providing financial assistance to 1,440 girls ages 9-17 through GSLE’s Classroom to Career: Developing Girl Leaders for the 21st Century Workplace program specifically designed to provide girls with their ideal learning conditions which have been identified by the Girls Scout Research Institute. The Classroom to Career Program provides exposure to non-traditional female and STEM-related careers through behind-the-scenes worksite tours, college campus tours, and participation in the Cyber Security Pathways event, meeting and learning directly from female role models, introduction to financial literacy, and much more.

Kiddie Science

Kiddie Science is a non-profit organization aimed at presenting science to young children. It is Kiddie Science’s mission to empower children to apply critical thinking skills to their world and foster a lifetime love of science. With Colocation America’s support, Kiddie Science will offer free science workshops and outings through a new program called Family Science. Family Science workshops and excursions will revolve around the themes of agriculture, the solar system, life forms and technology. With the financial assistance of Colocation America, parents and caregivers can actively support their child’s learning process.

Treasure Island Sailing Center

Treasure Island Sailing Center (TISC) Set Sail Learn program makes science directly relevant to students’ lives in a way that is accessible, engaging and fun. Set Sail Learn breaks down it’s “too complicated for me to understand” barriers, showing that with interest and curiosity, we can all take a scientific approach to the world around us. As a recipient of the grant, Treasure Island Sailing Center will continue to provide experiential learning to 4th and 5th graders through a half a day of sailing and a half a day of classroom instruction, focusing on two TISC-created STEM-based curriculum topics: Ecology of the Bay and Wind at Work.

Upland Community Partnership for Youth Development

Upland Community Partnership for Youth Development (UCP) provides a unique neighborhood-based after-school program for children grades K-6. The program provides a safe and structured environment for kids to do their homework, tutoring services, and participate in recreational and learning opportunities during the crucial after-school hours. Colocation America is excited to cultivate student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and support the STEM Space Camp for 40 third-six grade students, ages 9-12.