SIP Softswitch

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the standard VoIP protocol set by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It provides application-layered signaling that creates, modifies, and terminates multimedia sessions with one or more active users. Multimedia sessions that can be created by an SIP softswitch server are VoIP internet telephone calls, voice/video data, and voice/video conferencing. When a user wishes to create a VoIP connection, an SIP invitation is created and used to carry the descriptions of the type of session the user wants to create. Participants would have to have compatible media equipment to create a connection and agree on the type of equipment that is going to be used. A class 4 softswitch or class 5 softswitch is then used to authenticate and route the request to the user locations.

What can a SIP Softswitch do?

SIP allows telephones to connect via the Internet with additional support for multimedia services. Calls made through the use of an SIP softswitch device travel across the virtual landscape of networks and servers instead of being restricted to traditional phone lines. VoIP calling fees are much lower by using the internet to connect calls3., especially when calling internationally. An SIP softswitch not only captures and controls phone signals, but also imbues them with specific properties so that they are recognized by the servers and devices they are trying to reach. A regular phone number, or PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) number, can connect to a system that enables SIP. The VoIP softswitch in the system will then convert the signal form the phone number into an IP signal that can be read and understood by any SIP telephone system. The process is reversed when a SIP system makes a call to a regular phone number.

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Benefits of an SIP Softswitch

Using a SIP softswitch will enable your VoIP switch server to do more than just route phone calls. The SIP protocols allow for multimedia codecs to be transferred over an IP networks for advanced video calls. Other benefits to an SIP softswitch include:

  • Add-on and integration of VoIP services
  • Protocol conversion from SIP to H.323
  • Support of all VoIP codec and multimedia codec
  • IP PBX and IP Centrex services
  • Class 4 softswitch add-on for VoIP wholesale providers
  • Class 5 softswitch add-on for SIP local services
  • Flexibility, scalable, and reliable
  • Software list of SIP Softswitches for Dedicated Servers

Free and Open Source Licenses:

  • Asterisk
  • FreeSWITCH
  • Kamailo
  • OpenSER
  • SailFin
  • SIP Express Router (SER)

Proprietary Licenses:

  • IPsmarx
  • Kolmisoft

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