DID Services

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Direct inward dialing (DID) is a feature offered for companies that have a hosted PBX system by VoIP service providers. DID services enable a business to extend the range of telephone numbers and lines through the use of extension service. This is done through the use of SIP trunking which serves to allocate the group of numbers for a company. As an incoming call reaches the PBX system, the system can then route the calls to the proper extension within the company through a transmitted dialed destination number (DNIS). Companies will have a large amount of telephone numbers routed to each phone that can be reached through a subscriber lines (usually 1 to 3) for customers to contact.

Benefits of DID Services

DID services can help companies call different department within their own VoIP gateway network. Extension dialing is made possible due to the DID numbers assigned to every VoIP phones in the network. Basically, each VoIP or SIP soft phone will have a DID number and function as its own dedicated line. Concurrent calls can be placed by multiple people even though they are both on the main line. DID services is a cheaper alternative for an organization to have a dedicated line for its employees. Customers will be able to connect with the right representative directly if they know the proper extension or navigate through an automated system to a specific department. Employees do not need their own individual line, since a DID number will be assigned and managed through a hosted PBX system. Outgoing calls are also possible and usually comes bundled with DID services. Direct outward dialing (DOD) is a way for outgoing calls to be placed from every DID number covered in the service. Through the central PBX platform, all extensions in the main line can place a call which is then routed through the PBX and switch server. The calls can reach anywhere in the world without the assistance of an operator for a fast and efficient calling service.

How to Use VoIP DID with IP IVR

Using the IVR system for DID providers' services utilize the main line number in such a way that companies can setup an automated response for directing client's calls. A toll free number is used to provide 24/7 services during a business off hours. IP IVR works for an organization that uses VoIP soft phones or SIP phones that rely on a public switched telephone network (PSTN) and a VoIP network for call routing. The platform can route calls over the VoIP network to the correct DID number, or extension, so the calls are sent to the right destination. telephone extension IVR technology is also used to contact customers for survey or service follow up calls. The automated nature of the call allows mass messaging and surveying calls to be made at the same time. The callers will be able to interact with the message and answer simple questions relating to the message that will be recorded and transmitted back to the company. This is a very simple and effective way to perform high volume outbound calls and survey potential markets. For a free consultation and a customized VoIP solution for your business, please give us a call at 1-888-505-COLO or send us an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also check out our VoIP dedicated server hosting plans and VoIP colocation hosting plans.