Different Types of VoIP Connections

There are several types of VoIP connections available on the market. Some will allow you to place local and international calls for free with few restrictions. Others will require a small fee, but are still considerably cheaper than traditional land line calls. Whatever connection is best for your business, Colocation America is ready to provide a dedicated VoIP server and help you set up your VoIP connection which will ensure that all calls will be stable and secure.

VoIP Connections

The flexibility of VoIP enables a VoIP provider to choose the connection types that make the most sense for their business. A VoIP dialer can be configured to a variety of different calling methods so users can pick the medium they want to use to make internet based phone calls. Prices however can vary for VoIP phone calls depending on the configuration and VoIP hardware being used by parties on the call. For example, a VoIP call may be free if it is between two callers in the same state over the internet, yet might require a charge if it is two callers in different countries.
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Computer to Computer Connection

Computer to computer VoIP calls are usually free as long as both callers are using the same services. For example, Skype provides its users with free telephone calls over the internet but users can only call other Skype members. This type of connection is cheap to set up because all it requires is a computer with a sound card, a microphone, and an account through a service such as Skype, MSN, or Google phone. Call quality depends on the computers being used and the type of internet connections. If you are experiencing lag time with your calls or experience frequent dropped calls then you might want to consider upgrading your internet connection and computer.

Computer to Phone Connection

VoIP service providers often generate most of their profits from computer to phone calls. Computer to computer connections are free because it cost the providers nothing to set it up. In contrast, a computer to phone connection will allow a caller to use his or her computer with a 3rd party software (Skype, MSN) to connect to a traditional land line telephone. The 3rd party software takes the data from the caller's computer and converts it from digital to analog so that it can be sent through telephone lines. The receiver of the call will answer the call through their traditional telephone and wouldn't notice a difference.
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International businesses often prefer computer to phone VoIP plans because it allows them to make cheap international calls to places that might not have an internet connection. Since the cost of placing international VoIP calls is less than international landline calls, businesses can save money with high call volumes internationally by switching to a VoIP calling plan.

SIP to SIP Connection

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, which is the technical term for the protocol used during a VoIP connection. SIP to SIP connection means that you can make VoIP calls using a SIP phone. This type of connection can be free, but requires the purchase of a SIP softswitch or hardware to convert your phone to a VoIP enabled device. A caller can also connect without buying SIP software or owning an SIP phone. It is through a VoIP service provider and they charge you a small fee, like the computer to phone connection, for placing calls from one telephone to another. You will also still need to buy a special adapter for your phone connection to be converted into a signal that can be transmitted through the Internet.