VoIP Dialer

predictive dialer
VoIP dialer is an abbreviation of VoIP predictive dialer. VoIP dialers are an essential call center component that send and receive large volumes of calls. Typically, call centers are expensive to operate, which leads many to outsource their services while still paying steep maintenance costs. However, VoIP dialers automate the process so that productivity and maintenance are significantly improved. Employees at the call center will be connected to thousands of potential clients in a matter of seconds. VoIP dialer technology even allows individuals to build a call centers with very little overhead.

What is predictive dialing?

Predictive dialing is the automation and management of mass outgoing calls. The resulting reduction in the time it takes for a call center employee to make a call significantly increases productivity and labor costs for call centers. The predictive dialer automatically dials from a list of phone number or can be set to randomly dial numbers within a specific area code. When the call is placed, all busy signals, answer machines, and out of service numbers are noted on the list. The system can recognize when an actual person answers the call or if the call is sent to voice message. When a call connects, it is automatically transferred to the calling center employee or a customer representative of the company who will then finish the call. This feature enables large calling centers to make massive amount of outbound calls without wasting time and thus saving the company from wasting time on unsuccessful calls.
voip predictive dialer
Calls placed via a VoIP predictive dialer are cheaper than landline calls because VoIP calls utilize IP networks. With a VoIP dialer, companies can utilize the IP network that connects the world to the Internet to place their outbound calls, which helps the companies save money on their monthly phone bills as well as target a broader client base since non local and international calls are less expensive. VoIP Dialers are built on recent technologies, allowing for a variety of useful features. They allow call centers to optimize their customer data information and then integrate the information in to the predictive dialing process. Mass outbound calling can then be performed and call center employees will be connected when a call is successful. As an addition to the predictive dialing process, VoIP dialers can also enable a number of automated features that might be useful for a call center.

VoIP Dedicated Servers for your VoIP Dialing Needs

Setting up a VoIP predictive dialer is simple and easy. All a customer needs is a dedicated server capable of placing high volume of concurrent calls. The number of concurrent placed calls depends on the VoIP software and the hardware specs of the dedicated servers. Most call centers will need a powerful server along with predictive dialing software setup in order to handle the volume of calls being placed. For mass outbound VoIP calling, a VoIP softswitch server is also needed to connect to the Internet and enable communication through IP networks. If you have any questions about the server hardware necessary or would like to get a recommendation for VoIP software that would best suit your company's needs, please feel free to contact [email protected].

Features of Predictive VoIP dialers:

  • Automatic dialing to customers
  • Automatic scanning of voice mail systems
  • Automated missed call returning
  • Call recording, logging, and management
  • Simultaneous calling campaign capabilities