iOS Jailbreak Gains Widespread Acceptance

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    Last week the latest iOS jailbreak was released to the public. Nearly 7 million users have downloaded the software exploits which make it possible to dig deeper into the iOS.

    Apple does not support jail-broken devices because un-supported software tweaks could lead to shorter battery life and OS instability.

    There are many makers of Jailbreak software yet the most popular version has been offered from Cydia, makers of evasiOn. Here's a look at the pros and cons of Jail-breaking your iphone:

    Pros of iOS Jailbreaks

    Jail-broken devices enable users to run 3rd party apps not supported by the Apple store. Typically, jailbreaks enable customization or re-configuration of existing apps already installed on your device. Apple is obsessed with compliance but many feel jailbreaks fix bugs in the system and allow for greater flexibility. What if you wanted to change the layout of your desktop display? evasiOn makes it possible to "re-skin" your iOS OS without affecting functionality. A report conducted by Forbes back in 2009 found unauthorized apps were better at protecting user information. Meaning, device ID, location and browsing history were less likely to be leaked to advertisers. Even though jail-breaking has gained widespread acceptance Apple continues to warn the public of its dangers. According to the FCC, jail-breaking is technically legal but does violate user agreements stipulated by the manufacturer.

    The Cons of iOS Jailbreaks

    As many already know, Apple does design all of its products to work together efficiently and reliably. Apple therefore states that unauthorized apps may lead to unexpected crashes, shorter battery life, disruption of service and/or inability to successfully apply software updates. The latter of which might seem ironic considering Apples previous iOS 6 was plagued with bugs. Even still, to the everyday user a 'Jailbreak' might just be overkill. Could it be that the majority of iOS users are perfectly happy with the way their device function in the first place? The number of iPhone 5's sold this year alone easily out-numbers the amount of jailbreak downloads from evasiOn.

    To Jail-break or Not?

    Apple warns users that their personal information could be compromised if they choose to jailbreak their device. Although the 2009 report from Forbes suggest otherwise. In fact, Apple enabled ad-tracking on the iOS 6 update. Effectively, Apple has been using cookies to track web-browsing behavior. Then Apple shares such information with advertisers. That doesn't sound like privacy to me. Though ad-tracking can be turned off by going into your settings, Jailbreak fans tend to feel they have greater control over their device. You can also reset your device to factory settings even after a Jailbreak has been performed. Weather you have become jaded following the buggy iOS update or simply wish to tinker/customize your Apple device, manufactures warn; proceed at your own risk.

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