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Future of IoT: Where Do We Go in 2020

the future of iot
Tarun Nagar

Have you ever thought of living in a completely automated world, a place where you have nothing to look for, and everything is automatic or can be controlled merely with your smartphone? Well, a few years back, all this was looked upon as a distant reality, a dream, and some even termed this as a crazy idea for the lazy youngsters.

Well, Gartner- the world’s leading research and advisory company has predicted that there will be about 20 billion devices connected to the IoT by 2020

Clearly, the evolution of the world over the internet is taking place faster than expected. And almost everyone is looking forward to the fate of IoT and what it holds for us for the next time. 

For those who have no idea about IoT, let’s just say, “IoT is the future towards artificial Intelligence and complete automation of the physically existing world.”

Let’s go through some latest technology trends mentioned below:

  • Making the houses and cities smart
  • Taking data analysis to a new level
  • Better healthcare
  • Better resource management
  • Consumer adaptation
  • Securing IoT and connected devices
  • AI & Big Data 
  • Edge computing over cloud computing

Making the Houses and Cities Smart

smart cities connect

In the early years, when told about the IoT smart home projects, people discarded the idea by examining the complexity and difficulty of the idea. But, now, after the development of technology, the same people are not able to resist the charm of the projects. 

The level of IoT app development projects is scaling new heights day by day. Intelligent thermostats and smart lighting are the things that not only preserve energy but also decrease the bill amount and contribute to the great reason why a large number of people are choosing IoT devices in 2019 and beyond.

Taking the idea of IoT to the city level opens up completely new horizons. Better Traffic management, congestion-free road, less polluted cities, high level of security, all this will add up to the need of IoT to be implemented to a larger scale to achieve the goals of smart cities.

These cities will be highly sensitive to minimal data changes. They will generate alarms and warnings upon the slightest detection of problems.

With the help of mobile apps, we can connect the small IoT technology-based programs of smart home projects with the owner’s mobile phone.

This will not only make the task more comfortable but with the help of advanced development techniques, these can become controllable globally by just entering a few details on your mobile phones.

Taking Data Analysis to a New Level

exploratory data analysis

Remembering a scene from a famous sci-fi movie Interstellar, due to lack of experimental data, the thesis was not completed until it was made available.

IoT will serve the same purpose. In the time that will come, we will see a significant trend taking place amidst IoT and connected world.

The expectation is that the individuals, as well as the corporations, will be able to get assistance for the decisions they need help for, from the single unit comprising of IoT and AI with the world.

 AI can quickly identify trends, thus making IoT able to collect extensive data with better precision and accuracy. 

This collected data can be analyzed on the frequency of events occurring for better outcomes, thus directing our lives and decisions to a path of ultimate success.

Better Healthcare

With the availability of extensive data range, the healthcare results will improve. The recently attended workshop revealed that companies are already working over IoT technologies that identify and collect data over cancer, images readings changes in body parameters at different stages of the disease to develop a technology that will determine the development of cancerous cells in the body at very early stages. 

This will not only help with new medication but will also help in the prevention of disease and ensure a longer life of the patient.

Many other such technologies will come and thrive in the coming years in the market of medicine. 

iot healthcare

This will improve the condition of healthcare and ensure longer living years for the species.

Currently, many healthcare apps are being developed with the help of IoT advances to monitor various body parameters and identify small diseases and providing their cures.

The advance medical checkup report generating systems can be connected to the user’s mobile phone through the mobile apps, and the person just by entering his/her vitals can identify the presence of disease in the body.

Better Resource Management

To manage resources, we must identify the consumption patterns. For this, many technologies are available in the market that identifies resource usage. 

By integrating these technologies with the IoT systems, a high level of management can be achieved. 

Special warning systems for water and electricity consumption can help in making lives more comfortable and better.

iot in 2020

A project that identifies the water level of the soil and various other parameters including salinity and texture of soil and thus adding the required amount of water, fertilizers, etc. is being worked upon. 

It will not just help the farmers but will also contribute to the better yield of crop, thus ensuring better wages to the farmer.

Consumer Adaptation

In the upcoming years, you will see a significant change in the internet of things once the change based on the consumer takes place in IoT. And once evolved completely, it will change the kind of living for the people.

These IoT projects not only provide comfort to the consumers but will also lead to drastic development of business and other strategies. This will lead to overall progress and growth.

Securing IoT and Connected Devices

To make the IoT more automatic and easy to use, new technologies are definitely going to come up. Still, these would need to be adequately handled as there is a high risk of data.

As adoption increases, more and more devices connect to the Internet of things. It will become essential to secure data over the cloud that will contain vital information in terms of banking and health care fields. 

Organizations were witnessed making their empire on the affair that IOTA came across, to create modules and elements for firms without the cost of SaaS & Cloud.

AI & Big Data

There are a large number of clients and devices related to the industry that has an immense amount of data to analyze as well as process and which is only going to expand in the future. And these clients and devices are connected to IoT along with data transmission.

Very advanced techniques are required to handle such an enormous amount of data which can be done by merging the artificial intelligence with big data and IoT. 

And this seems to be quite promising when it comes to working with such a large amount of data.

Edge Computing over Cloud Computing

This is a significant change that will take place. It’s been long that IoT has relied on the cloud for storing all the data. And now the producers and developers of IoT acknowledge the service of storing and processing a large amount of data.

Stating simply, all the data from an earlier time straight away was sent to the cloud, but now it would be first sent to a local device that is near to the IoT one. And this closer device will work on the data, and if required, then it will send the complete data otherwise just a part of it. 

This will decrease the traffic on the network. And this is what is called ‘edge computing’ that has several benefits that we are going to see in the coming future.

To ensure a smooth and comfortable way of living IoT has also moved towards the wearable apps, in this fast-developing technological world, we require apps that are customized for the personal use of each consumer. And the answer to this complexity is smarter technology based on IoT.

Soon the idea of an automated world with technology working under the tremendous human brain to provide maximum comfort and luxuries will come true. 

Along with all the positives and negatives, it is sure that IoT will emerge as the greatest invention of humans and will develop to an extent where the ideas of humanoid robots will come true entirely with the wearable apps

Research and development are going on to ensure the possibility of a tech future to come as soon as possible. Amid all these trends and predictions, the future is definitely promising and certainly worth the wait.

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    The “Internet of Things” or IoT is revolutionizing today’s modes of communication. By connecting all things in the world, which is the logical outcome of the Internet itself. ET 2020 will further mark this revolution with effects on our lives and businesses.

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