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A World with Technology and Automation

automation and control technology
Michael Cormier

As the years go by, we can only reminisce on all the days the bright past had contributed to our childhood, where children went out to play, or car washes had people wash our rides. Remember those days when every weekday was a school day, and we had to hit the books almost 90% of the time, then Sundays used to be a family day, where everyone would gather around the table and talk about their day or pray together before breaking bread. It is quite scary how times have changed as the years have gone by.

Outdoor games now mean phones and tabs, and people washing cars are taken over by automatic machines. School books are extinct, and the age of holographic, movies and tabs have now been introduced. Sundays are no more the same, where instead of bowing our heads in prayer, we bury it in our phones, and without even knowing it, you are sucked into the black hole I call technology. Conversations have become extinct and the world as we know it has become more digitized. 

There are so many new advancements and inventions made in technology, some of which are life-changing for good, but can you a life where only machines and apps are running each and everything? How is that called life on Earth when everything you do and everywhere you go revolves around machines.

The downside, in reality, is that many people are running out of jobs. Every factory had its specific set of people doing certain jobs; for instance, people working for toothpaste factories had situations involving capping the final product of a tube of toothpaste. This has all been replaced by machines leaving thousands without jobs. As I said, some advancements are welcomed, whereas a few have altered the natural circle of life most literally. Let us go down step by step on how our world can change and has already managed to change since the dawn of technology.

Let’s Kill Your App-Etite

Okay, so let us discuss some pros and cons of how exactly technological apps have taken over. We, as humans, are adaptable to the things around us. Just take a look towards the evolution of man, has adapted, and changed so drastically throughout life, leaving room for more change if given the time and circumstance. Some apps that have made life a lot easier than it used to be, like apps to hire cars or apps that motivate us to run or walk.

robotics and automation technology

But what has changed that we as humans are so dependant on getting glued to the screens that we have lost the will power we were all born with or acquired throughout the years. We have become so dependent on having technology in our lives that it has slowly taken it over. Here are some reasons you should unwind before it’s too late.

Building Relationships

At least 50% of divorces are on-going in the world. There are so many reasons why, but a few are to do with building a lack of connections in your free time. Families are splitting apart, having each member found in different areas of the house on either their phones, play stations, office laptops, tabs, and much more.

There seem to be no conversations anymore, which is vital for human connections and survival.


Due to advancements made in technology, many people have started gaining weight. Yes! You read that right. Adults and children are at higher risk of obesity, and chances are all sorts of medical problems will crop up. Always being stuck on their devices all day, not giving them a chance to go out for a walk.

Change in Temperament

Since phones and other sources of media have taken over, it leaves plenty of people behind their screens all day. They engage in all sorts of political and socially immoral pages, posts, and polls that often result in furious ranting, dissing of political and religious differences, sparking feuds all across the world.

This is done just by sitting behind the screen and not knowing what damage it is doing to the world and you. It also causes online bullying and depression, which often leads to suicide.

The Age of Extinction?

Have any of you watched the Will Smith movie involving killer robots? People make movies for a reason. It may seem like a joke, but it is actually what is going to happen sooner or later if we let it. AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been created to take over specific human tasks in medical and military usages.

technology jobs and automation

If we thought that technology hadn’t done much damage to the human species, you thought wrong. Robots (AI) were built as exact replicas of the human body and mind even though they lack in some regions of emotion they were made to imitate human actions. Also though it started as somebody’s passion project to do good in the world, they are put into situations military grounds for deactivating bombs and in other hazardous environments where humans cannot survive.

It is said that even though robots are programmed to carry out necessary human actions (therefore replacing them), there’s always a risk of robots one day being able to take charge of their own emotions and putting humans to complete extinction while rebuilding their kind.

What Changes Will Autonomation Bring to the World

As mentioned earlier, not all technology does harm and puts human life at risk, but there are always boundaries that should never be crossed when trying to preserve the human species and all their works.

advanced automation and robotics technology

The birth of automation aids in the boosting of economic growth, makes significant improvements towards living standards for human life, creates job opportunities, etc. But with all the upsides, there can be a downhill motion for a continuance if these boundaries are exceeded in the world of tech. It can

  • Disrupt economic growth locally
  • Hamper the skill requirements of workers
  • Create a sense of inequality among workers and among workers and AI mechanisms
  • AI-related risks towards human life

Not to sound too grim, but sometimes facts are facts! In this day and age, we can’t do anything but hold on to the little things in life that make us humane. It is well received the gifts of technology, but to keep our kind going, we must remember to unwind and relax and spend as little as possible time in front of the screen and hope and pray that tomorrow this world is still our home.

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