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Healthcare Technology Trends to Watch for in 2017

healthcare tech in 2017
Liz Ryan

“Hospital leaders have to deal with a lot of new technology issues—and demands from different departments in their facilities,” said Robert P. Maliff

We are living in constantly developing time. And nowadays, technology is transforming each aspect of the way we are living. It is changing our day to day lives. Innovations and new techniques in health care are perhaps most important ones. And you don’t have to ask why – health is the most important thing. Living longer, healthier and so on is every person’s dream. Increased access to information unlocking mysteries hidden in plain sight, it faces enormous challenges of security as well as privacy.

Additionally, here will be the technology trends that are changing this industry. And we asked some of the brightest minds within this industry to share their thoughts about upcoming trends who are worth to pay attention. So let’s start!

Using Tech to Understand the Brain

With technology, not only we can save lives, but also it helps to open new ways of understanding and seeing, what previously were unimaginable. A few years ago, two researchers found a way how to implant memories into a brain. This was a huge breaking point for mental health patients.

brain tech

Emotiv is a company, who has found a way to translate human thoughts in through neuro-headsets. Why is this such a big deal? It will allow accessing our brain information, opening new paths of human understanding and science.


Have you ever heard the word “Telemedicine”? If not, you should, because it will expand healthcare into our homes. And even more!

As the word says, “Tele” + “Medicine” allows patients to interact with their doctors and other specialists using mobile devices. Video chatting and fast communication are gaining more popularity as a cost-effective way for patients. Within years the tradition doctor’s visit will be forgotten. And people who are working to develop this pattern more, says that doctor and patient interactions will become more frequent. Moreover, they are trying to expand this pattern not only into homes but also into rural areas of the world. Exciting isn’t it?!

LED Light Fixtures

Blue violet LED fixtures provide non-stop disinfection technology, killing harmful bacteria. This is an important and huge achievement. Why? Because these bacterias (and they are much more) are a major cause of mortality. Moreover, it leads to increased healthcare costs. So the benefit is huge and important for both sides – patients and doctors. Having “clean” hospitals and doctor rooms is crucial and important aspect, when it comes to clean working environment. Especially within healthcare industry.

What Advancements for Robotic Surgery?

Have you ever imagined, that robots will make surgeries? Would you trust them and feel more comfortable and relaxed than being with real human beings? Changing landscape of surgery will make this happen within the next years. Scientists, robot builders and many companies are competing in different competitions.

robots performing surgery

Additionally, they are trying to switch from mainframe to tablet type programs. And it is a matter of time, when robots who are more precisely and efficient than humans, will do surgeries and other treatments for us. Scary, but exciting future reality.

Printing a Heart? No Problem!

Scientific movies may become a reality. Having stacked at our homes, different parts of our body may be nothing unusual. 3D printing will encourage a new wave of innovation and growth in healthcare. We will experience a new way of manufacturing devices and surgical tools.

Prosthetic limbs, plastic hearts and other body parts will be printed out. How insane that sounds? Start to build that extra room for your body parts and be ready.

Organ Perfusion Systems

Did you know a fact, that almost two-thirds of organs are never used by hospitals? This new technology provides warm perfusion systems of lungs and hearts. In this way eliminating above mentioned fact. So harvesting, preserving and transporting organs will be more efficient and easier in a very near future. Even now, we have made a giant step. Let’s keep looking what future brings in this technology.

New Business Opportunities

We cannot forget about one important thing – whenever it comes to new products and new technology, we cannot forget that business is and will be involved. By that being said, innovation in the healthcare industry will unlock new business opportunities. The era of bold ideas is at our doorstep. Evolving existing regulations for the coming innovation will be needed. Using technology to unlock a variety of solutions and provide lower cost care will be the real money breaker.

Final Word

Affordable and high-quality healthcare is what every patient wants. And this is a concept that drives hospital administrators, leaders and business people to search for effective ways to make this happen. To make these two components “Quality” and “low-cost” get together and become a reality. 2016 is already full with innovations, but that is just a beginning. And you will agree – printing our body parts and being treated by robots may sound scary and unrealistic, but one day this will become a reality.

Want it or not. And nowadays, when technology and innovation follow almost each industry, we must be ready to accept new patterns and new ways of living. And even now, looking back 10 years ago, we already can see how we adapted and accepted new patterns and ways of living. And healthcare is one of those industries that will do the same. Change.

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