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What The $#*! is Happening with Net Neutrality?

I like some good ol’ fashioned extortion just as much as the next guy, but this is ridiculous… In case you haven’t been following the latest news on the FCC and Net Neutrality, things are basically up in the air.  […]

tech superfriends

The Tech Superfriends Reunite to Take on FCC and Net Neutrality

This week on the Tech Superfriends… The Tech Superfriends are back and they’ve brought in more reinforcements. The mission? Take down the FCC’s new Net Neutrality proposals and restore true Net Neutrality. Tech Superfriends, UNITE! The good citizens of the […]

net neutrality issues

Net Neutrality Ruling and What’s Next

‘Cause the FCC won’t let me be, or let me be me… So you probably have heard there is this Net Neutrality thing that is making a lot of people angry. For the two of you who do not know, […]


Obama Weighs In on Net Neutrality Debate

The Net Neutrality debate is heating up! The story is this: Net Neutrality is under attack, the ISPs want to charge more for preferential treatment and “fast lanes”, and the FCC—the group in charge of regulating the Internet—is hem-hawing over […]

net neutrality india

Net Neutrality Backed in India to Beat down Greedy Telecoms

India’s telecom regulators have voted in favor of “net neutrality” allowing equal access to all sites, dismissing “discriminatory pricing” against certain sites that would not pay the telecoms. Net neutrality has been a hot topic in the States a lot […]

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A Timeline of Net Neutrality in the United States and What It All Means

Oh no, not another Net Neutrality article. We’ve intentionally held off on the subject because there are far better more educated journalists that did a far better job of explaining the intricacies of Net Neutrality. With that said, we felt […]

Neutrality Dead

Net Neutrality Is Officially Dead—Or is it?

Yesterday is the first day of an officially different Internet. Monday, June 11, 2018, we no longer have the neutrality laws that protect the World Wide Web. Net Neutrality is the principle that all data and traffic should be treated […]

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality has been a topic of discussion for quite awhile now, and understanding the timeline of net neutrality can help give an insight into the matter.  It may seem as though there is only one side of the debate, […]

twc comcast

Comcast Buys Time Warner Cable, Ruins Internet Forever

Say goodbye to competition and hello to regulation… Cable companies are a bunch of jerks.  But you know what makes them less of a jerk?  Their competition.  The threat of leaving one cable company for another is what has gotten […]

Comcast Buys Time Warner Cable, Ruins Internet Forever
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